Machinery restoring

  • Monier Bricks (Rock-crusher part above)
  • Sellotape
  • Heavy earthworking machinery

Phone    (09) 420 9623

on & off-site work

  • On-site team for heavy fabrication
  • Machinery maintenance & restoration
  • Certified welding. All materials & structures
  • Custom Carpets NZ [ Carpet tiles Divn. ]
  • ONTRACK (New Lynn underpass. Above)
  • Sellotape

long term customers

  • Monier Bricks & Roofing
  • Huhtamaki Group
  • Metal Spinners Ltd
  • Fletcher Construction
  • Brian Perry Civil

machinery buiilding

  • Dimond Industries (Conveyor above)
  • Sellotape (Guillotine)

Phone    (09) 420 9623

John Cherrington

General Manager
Waterside Engineering Services Ltd

"I have been associated with Lightning Bolt Engineering Ltd since the 1990s. I have always appreciated their professional service and backup to the marine repair industry with which I am involved.

Ron and his team practice what they preach, good quality workmanship, the ability to get the job completed especially when the pressure is on and the job must be finished on time to meet the requirements of the customer."